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A World Apart

ISBN-13: 978-0615725932

388 pages

A World Apart is the exciting first book in the Jake Thomas Trilogy.  Jake Thomas thought he was having a bad day, but little did he know that before the day was done, his life would be changed forever.

Suddenly and mysteriously transported to another world, he finds himself alone and without a clue how or why he was brought here. Cut off from his familiar surroundings, he has to find a way to survive and return home.  Soon after he begins to explore this new world, he meets an enigmatic warrior and is introduced to magic-wielding clerics. However, Jake finds out quickly that danger lurks all around him as demons exist on this world - and they want him badly!

E-Book ($3.99)

Print Edition ($14.99)

Sword of Light

ISBN-13: 978-0615838182

331 pages

Sword of Light, Book 2 of the Jake Thomas Trilogy, continues Jake's quest to return home.


Dominic and Jonas lead Hailyn, Marcus and Keria out of the demons’ stronghold, carrying Jake, who collapsed after his dramatic display of power. Jonas is stymied on how to heal Jake, but help arrives when Tomaris unexpectedly shows up in Sanduas.  Tomaris informs them that he believes that he has found a way to return Jake to his world – with the Guardian’s sword, an object of great power. When the demons first appeared a thousand years ago, the Guardian had confronted them, but was defeated and the sword lost. Standing in the way of any effort to recover the sword are two seemingly insurmountable obstacles – it is being defended by the demons and its exact location is unknown.


 Following obscure clues, Jake, Dominic, and Hailyn go in search for the sword, trying to approach unnoticed by the demons. Jonas, Marcus and Keria remain in Sanduas and are confronted by a growing darkness that threatens the city itself. Lurking in the shadows, the mysterious figure from Creatos’ lair moves to protect the sword and find Jake.


E-Book ($3.99)

Print Edition ($14.99)

The Eternal Darkness

ISBN-13: 978-0615964287

305 pages

The Eternal Darkness, Book 3 of the Jake Thomas Trilogy, brings Jake's journey to its stunning conclusion!

Having freed the Guardian’s sword from the demons’ control, Jake and Hailyn must now find a way back to the Keep, where Tomaris waits to use the power of the sword to attempt to send Jake home. Torn between his love for Hailyn and his concern for his family, Jake must decide whether to stay with her or return to Earth.

In Sanduas, Jonas advises Keria as she adjusts to her new role as Queen in the aftermath of the battle. Despite Keria’s support, Marcus must contend with the other nobles over his family’s role in the failed coup.

His mission complete, Dominic returns to Sanduas following the demons’ attack on the capital in Aletonia. Having defeated his rival and freed the woman he loves, Moshanna journeys to the Keep to resume his duties.

Unknown to them all, the demon lord, stung by his recent setbacks, unleashes his dark forces to retake the sword and end any resistance to his rule, once and for all.


E-Book ($3.99)

Print Edition ($14.99)

The Jake Thomas Trilogy
(E-book only)
1024 pages

The Jake Thomas Trilogy is the tale of the adventures of Jake Thomas, a young man from Earth who finds himself transported to a world where magic and danger exist. This bundle includes all of the novels: A World Apart, Sword of Light, and The Eternal Darkness.

Jake Thomas thought he was having a bad day, but little did he know that before the day was done, his life would be changed forever.

Suddenly and mysteriously transported to a strange new world, he finds himself alone and without a clue how or why he was brought there. Rescued and befriended by an enigmatic warrior and the magic-wielding clerics that protect the people of this world, Jake must uncover the purpose behind his transition and find his way home.

As he struggles to discover his answers, he faces a growing danger from the demons that exist on this world. They are aware of his presence and, for reasons unknown, move to capture him and bring him under their control.

In a race against the dark forces of the demons, he must confront his fears and journey on a quest to retrieve a source of great power, the only thing that can send him home.


E-Book ($8.99)

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