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Steven Tolle was born and raised in Hanford, California. After high school, he attended California State University in Sacramento, graduating with a degree in International Relations.

In the 90's, he served on active duty in the US Army, where he was trained as an interrogator and to speak the Lao language. He worked on the POW-MIA searches in Southeast Asia as a member of Joint Task Force-Full Accounting. After he left active service, he served in a psychological operations unit in the Reserves, deploying to Thailand and Korea to support missions there.

He has served in a variety of positions with the State of California, including an Executive Fellow, an appointee of the Governor, as well as a civil service analyst and manager.

He resides in Northern California with his wife, Emily.



Lao Girl

My favorite Laos picture - 1995

Lao Workers

Me with the local village chiefs - 1996

Lao Village

Lao village during a investigation mission - 1995


Recovery site in Laos - 1996


Bombs hidden in an impact crater - Laos 1996

The girls

My dogs - Ruthie and Lucy


Training for the CIM


The dogs enjoying the snow

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